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Men, Don’t Let Depleted Hormone Levels Kill Your Libido!


Written by Amanda Williams, MPH You often hear men say, “If I could only have the stamina of when I was a twenty year old”.  Well, the great news is that there are so many alternatives to prescriptions and medications available to support your libido and enhance your overall sexual performance the natural way. Nowadays,…

The Most Common Health Concerns for Women By Carolyn Dean, MD, ND


Women’s health touches on a wide range of issues from cancer to cosmetics. Women want to stay current with what’s available to prevent and treat conditions as varied as menopause, cancer, spider veins, problems with hair, skin, nails, and anemia. Menopause After the age of 40, women may start to notice specific changes before and…

Forever Young; A Vote for Anti-Aging by Dr. Millie Lytle, ND

Aging is not a number. For example, some 65 year olds are young, active and enjoying an active sex life, while others are biologically old, tired and too sick to think about a healthy lifestyle. This is because aging is what happens when your cells are damaged, both inside the body and on the skin.

Spice up your Libido!

There is actually a simple way around this. Creatine monohydrate is a nutrient used frequently by athletes and body builders. Research shows it improves strength and endurance. It is also effective for memory, focus, and mental health by mostly improving mental energy and supporting the reward system in the brain that is needed for sexual satisfaction.

Hey Fellas! It Turns out, You Are What You Eat! – InVite Health Blog

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“the male body is like a car and every so often it needs a little routine maintenance. Most men tend to neglect their quality of life. The quality of the food they eat will do more than anything else to determine the quality of the life they lead.”