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Dairy and Soy-free, Non-GMO Healthy Bacteria by Jerry Hickey, R.Ph

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Humans have about two pounds of bacteria in the intestines. Probiotic refers to the lactic acid producing strains required for overall health and digestion. The pressures of modern existence make it difficult to maintain a balanced population of normal, healthy microbes. Poor food choices, illness, intestinal inflammation, toxins, even weight gain can cause a tipping…

New Study: Lactobacilli Bacteria May Help Protect Breast Tissue

healthy bacteria

New Study: Lactobacilli Bacteria May Help Protect Breast Tissue Recent research from Spain indicates that over 700 different bacterial species live in the milk ducts of a woman’s breasts. The bacteria living in us and on us are referred to as the microbiome; there are pounds of them numbering possibly in the hundreds of trillions….

Nutritional Support of the Blood Brain Barrier By Dr. Alan Pressman


When you thick of probiotics, the healthy bacterial supplements, the last thing you think about, if at all, is the brain. Probiotics mostly bring to mind gastrointestinal function, including digestion and absorption, immunity and manufacturing of vitamins K and B. However, several international research reviews indicate that probiotics play a major role in brain function…