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Men, Don’t Let Depleted Hormone Levels Kill Your Libido!


Written by Amanda Williams, MPH You often hear men say, “If I could only have the stamina of when I was a twenty year old”.  Well, the great news is that there are so many alternatives to prescriptions and medications available to support your libido and enhance your overall sexual performance the natural way. Nowadays,…

Spice up your Libido!

There is actually a simple way around this. Creatine monohydrate is a nutrient used frequently by athletes and body builders. Research shows it improves strength and endurance. It is also effective for memory, focus, and mental health by mostly improving mental energy and supporting the reward system in the brain that is needed for sexual satisfaction.

Obesity in Men

Over the years obesity in men has become a major epidemic and health concern. Fortunately, there are proven ways to help obese men to not only eat healthier, but to also help shed the extra pounds.

Ask Rick Longenecker: Testosterone

Cholesterol is a building block for our sex hormones, so eggs in moderation are great food. Statin drugs to lower cholesterol can work against you when it comes to low testosterone. Low fat diets and vegan diets are generally not so good.