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Important Anti-Aging Nutrients For All Ages

[sgmb id=”1″] While it is true that your body needs different vitamins and nutrients as you age, it is also true that your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients no matter if you are 25 or 65. As you get older and find gray hairs or wrinkles that weren’t there last week, it’s common to…

New Name, Same Great Product: L-Carnosine Plus Hx!

L-Carnosine is your body’s anti-aging peptide and a nutrient complex made from two smaller amino acids – beta alanine and histidine. Some studies have shown these components to have positive biological effects on the eyes, brain, kidneys and muscles. L-Carnosine Plus Hx® helps to decrease occasional muscle cramping, fatigue and dehydration during a workout. It…

Could These Four Superfoods Slow Aging?


The health and beauty industry racks in billions of dollars every year from people trying to maintain a youthful appearance. This secret fountain of youth is a never-ending challenge – from wrinkle creams to serums, an endless amount of products are available that claim to slow the aging process. But according to science, the aging…

Forever Young; A Vote for Anti-Aging by Dr. Millie Lytle, ND

Aging is not a number. For example, some 65 year olds are young, active and enjoying an active sex life, while others are biologically old, tired and too sick to think about a healthy lifestyle. This is because aging is what happens when your cells are damaged, both inside the body and on the skin.