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A Healthy Immune System All Year Round

A Healthy Immune System All Year Round
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It’s a common thought that we only need to pay attention to our immune system during the colder, drier months. The weather may be warmer during the Spring and Summer but just because cold and flu season is over, doesn’t mean your immune system is any less effected.

Spring Immunity

You’ve put away your heavy coat and traded it in for a lighter jacket. Spring is here and you are ready for warmer temperatures! But, even as flu season comes to a close, the inconsistent spring temperatures (especially if you’re in New York!) may actually increase your chances of getting a cold. You may also have allergies to worry about in the Spring, as flowers start to blossom and pollen starts to bloom. Good news! There are some tips to boost your immune system this Spring!

As the temperatures rise, you’ll want to spend more time outside in the sun. Research has shown that Vitamin D plays a major role in keeping your immune system strong. Spring is also the best time to start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, as seasonal fruits and vegetables are now widely available. This will help you get the vitamins and minerals you are looking for.

Outdoor allergies from tree pollen will be at an all time high during the spring. You may want to speak with a nutritionist about incorporating Black Seed or NAC into your diet. Black Seed, also known as Nigella Sativa, supports a healthy respiratory system, including helping to reduce the symptoms of allergies, like a runny nose and itchy eyes. NAC is a powerful antioxidant that helps support the lungs, as it breaks down the immune system’s chemical messengers and mucus, supporting nasal and respiratory health.†

Summer Immunity

You may feel healthier in the warmer months – the sun is shining and your energy is at an all time high – but that doesn’t mean you should turn your sights away from making sure your immune system is working at its best capacity. Keep your body working at its best by incorporating a Probiotic into your diet. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that are needed to support proper digestion and overall health. This includes everything from your weight to your skin health.

Getting enough sleep is also a great way to boost your summer immunity. Give your body a chance to recover from all of your summer activities like swimming and staying up late. Exercise is also very important! Sweating helps your body remove toxins and the summer is hot enough that every outdoor activity can induce some sweat! So get moving and say healthy this summer!


Oh no! Fall means that cold and flu season is approaching! But don’t worry – a strong immune system can keep you healthy all season long. You’ll want to be sure to include healthy foods in your diet, exercise regularly and take some immune-boosting supplements to keep your body working at its best.

Green tea is a great option for both your immune system and to provide you with a little warmth during those Fall evenings or mornings. With powerful antioxidant protection, one cup may give you the boost you are looking for. Nucleotides, naturally found in fish, poultry, and legumes, are considered the building blocks that provide the energy your body needs to support all of its major functions. Nucelotides have been shown in research to support a boost in immunity, increase energy and endurance and improve the body’s natural ability to resist infections.†


This time of year, many of us get stuck in a mental rut – less sunlight, colder temperatures and added stress from school, the approaching holidays and much more can leave us feeling run down. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to be sure your immunity is one of the things that is working at its best. Winter workouts are always a great idea, if you bundle up! You’ll want to increase your Vitamin D intake as well, as the low sunlight levels can lead to a vitamin D deficiency if you aren’t consuming enough from your diet alone. Speak with a nutritionists on what your level should be.

Eating the right mood-boosting foods can help! Stay clear of highly refined carbs and sugar that can throw off your blood sugar levels and leaving you feeling worse! Stick to foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin B.

There are plenty of things you can do each season in order to keep your immune system working at its best.


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