Deadly Bacteria Linked to Doctors’ Offices, According to CDC

c. diff

By Lydia Patel

Headed to the doctor? You might want to pack some extra hand sanitizer and wipes. New findings from the Center for Disease Control show that potentially deadly bacteria may be hiding out in your doctor’s office. The bacteria, commonly known as C. Difficile, is typically found in hospitals. However, a large number […]

Mental Health: Experts Say Diet is an Essential Aspect of Treatment


By Kristen M. Leccese

Over 450 million people worldwide currently suffer from a mental health condition. With pharmaceuticals having achieved only limited success, experts believe the field of psychiatry may be reaching a crossroads.

In a report released earlier this week from the USDA and HHS, some essential changes in the US dietary guidelines were […]

What Gas Says About Digestive Health


By Lydia Patel


Flatulence, poops, ‘let ‘em rips’ – FARTS. They inevitably happen to everyone, although not always at the best time and place. However, gas build-up is as natural as it gets. Your diet is of course is a major factor. Bacteria from the food we eat during the course of the day […]

Foods That Ruin your Smile


By Lydia Patel

Before your body can absorb food, it has to pass through your mouth. Your mouth is the initial place where all the components of your food get filtered and enter your body – but your teeth and gums, and ultimately your smile, can bear the brunt of what types of food you […]

Pediatricians Speak Out on Children’s Nutrition


By Kristen M. Leccese

New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding children’s nutrition suggest a few changes to improve children’s eating habits both in school and at home. In this statement published online today, doctors encourage a broader pattern that encourages what kids should be eating – not what they shouldn’t.

Pediatric specialists […]

Health Experts Suggest Changes in US Dietary Guidelines


By Kristen M. Leccese

Yesterday, a panel of health experts made some observations and suggestions regarding the typical American diet. The US government issues new dietary guidelines every five years – this independent panel of health experts is enlisted to review the current guidelines and suggest improvements for the 2015 revision.

Overall, the panel […]

Eye Color Linked to Pain Tolerance

eye colors

By Kristen M. Leccese

It’s a fact that some of us are able to tolerate physical pain much better than others. A lot of factors come into play here, including genetics, body chemistry, and past exposure to pain. But now, a new study has discovered an unusual hint as to why some of us can […]

The Quick Fix: Overuse of Medications in the US


By Kristen M. Leccese

These days, most of us are likely to choose “quick fix” methods for health issues as minor as a headache. Usually, the quick fix involves some kind of pill. Is it convenient? Of course. But, is it healthy? Probably not.

When it comes to minor health problems, 81% of American […]

Meditation Linked to Long-Term Brain Health Benefits


By Kristen M. Leccese

The benefits of meditation are becoming increasingly well-known in the field of alternative healthcare. This natural relaxation method is known to ease depression and anxiety, alleviate sleep problems, and boost overall mood. Now, a new study shows that it may also have long-term benefits for the brain and memory.

According […]

New Study: Unhealthy Trend in Sleep Patterns of Teenagers


By Kristen M. Leccese

A recent study published in the journal Michigan Pediatrics found that American teenagers are getting increasingly less sleep, and the problem has worsened over the past two decades.

Researchers who analyzed the University of Michigan’s annual Monitoring the Future national surveys of youth behavior found that over 50% of teens aged […]