Flu Shots Highly Recommended for Pregnant Women

pregnant woman with thermometer in home

By Kristen M. Leccese

Opinions on the flu vaccine are still divided, but certain populations are encouraged to get vaccinated this fall. Pregnant women fall into that category.

Experts encourage all expectant mothers to get a flu shot, and if any flu-like symptoms arise, they should seek medical help immediately. The mortality and complications of [...]

Foods Never to Eat Past the Expiration Date


By Lydia Patel


Food items are expected to have dates placed on them to let you know ‘when best by’. This helps to maintain freshness and the best taste possible. But sometimes, you do have a bit of leeway depending on what exactly it is. Some foods, on the other hand, don’t offer that [...]

New Study: Urine Samples can Detect HPV


By Lydia Patel


A simple urine test for the virus that causes cervical cancer could offer a less invasive and more acceptable alternative to the conventional cervical smear test. For years now, studies have been exploring different ways not only to prevent cervical cancer in younger girls through vaccines, but early detection methods as [...]

Fitness Spotlight: Should You Snack Before or After your Workout?


By Lydia Patel

It’s a debate that has been going on for years – do you eat before you hit the gym, or just wait until after to fuel up? Both choices have their strong points and downfalls. If you eat too much before you get on the treadmill, you’ll be queasy and uncomfortable. If [...]

Health Spotlight: Hidden Germ Spots in the Kitchen


By Lydia Patel

It can be a place where great culinary magic comes to life – but with along that comes germs, and lots of them! The kitchen harbors some of the most germ-ridden items in the average home. Though we focus a lot of attention on cleaning and sanitation in the kitchen, studies show [...]

Breastfeeding Linked to Fewer Ear Infections in Children


By Lydia Patel

A recent study has confirmed it – the longer a mother breastfeeds a child, the fewer ear, throat and sinus infections the child has. For years, the benefits of breastfeeding have been revealed by researchers. The wide variety of both short- and long-term benefits of breastfeeding are making it a viable option [...]

Product Spotlight: BlueGranate Tx®


BlueGranate Tx® by InVite Health is back in stock! This popular liquid tincture provides extracts from two of nature’s most powerful fruits, the blueberry and the pomegranate. BlueGranate Tx® is an organic, powerful blend of anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, ellagic acid and catechins, all natural ingredients found in both the blueberry and the pomegranate. These ingredients help [...]

Health Spotlight: How Unhealthy Sleep Habits Impact Your Weight


By Lydia Patel


If you’ve noticed that your sleeping habits have been off along with your diet lately, it’s important to note that there is an interesting correlation between the two. Research has found that sleep, particularly too little of it, directly impacts your appetite and what types of food you crave. Hormones like [...]

New Study: Exercise May Help Symptoms of ADD/ADHD

Exercising kids two 304

By Kristen M. Leccese

With the use of technology on a steady rise, kids are getting less exercise than ever. Also on the rise? The number of kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Researchers recently took a closer look at a possible link between these two occurrences. In a new study, they found that regular 30-minute sessions [...]

Fitness Spotlight: Cotton Gym Clothes Help Fight Odor


By Lydia Patel & Kristen M. Leccese


It’s a natural part of working out – sweat. Especially on hot days or during an intense workout, you may not feel as ‘fresh’ as you’d like. And if you’re wearing fabrics that promote body odor, it becomes even worse.




A new study in [...]