Most Unhealthy Coffee Drinks


By Lydia Patel


We’ve all witnessed this scenario before: It’s mid-afternoon, your eyes are heavy, and unless you get a good caffeinated drink in you, the rest of the day is going to be shot. So, the next best option is to grab a nice latte, Frappuccino or anything that’s loaded with sugar […]

Holiday Recipe: Paleo Egg Nog


By Dr. Millie Lytle, ND & Kristen M. Leccese


Check out this great recipe for the holiday season: Paleo Egg Nog! Dr. Millie Lytle, ND recommends serving this delicious holiday treat cold. Try out this Paleo Egg Nog recipe and let us know what you think!




1 scoop InVite […]

When Depression is a Symptom of Digestive Disease


By Lydia Patel


Depression symptoms often include certain digestive problems — research has shown that the makeup of bacteria in your gut can influence your emotional health. However, not all tummy troubles are due to a mental health condition. Depending on your symptoms, you could have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or irritable bowel […]

Natural Detoxing Vegetables

By Lydia Patel

There are many detoxifying foods that help clean out your system and restore balance to your body. Here are five of the best veggies to eat when you need to reset your body, and some tips for delicious ways to prepare them. Including them in your day-to-day meals can be very beneficial […]

Best and Worst Holiday Foods for your Skin


By Lydia Patel


We’re smack in the middle of the holiday season! Christmas parties, office events and an abundance of sugar and fat are surrounding us. This is definitely the time of the year where all of the excess sugar, salt and even alcohol can take a toll on your body.

Foods that are […]

The Connection Between Head Trauma & Mental Health in Athletes


By Kristen M. Leccese

Head injuries in sports have been linked to mental health issues, particularly depression, suicide and sometimes even death. According to studies, those who endure a serious head injury face a suicide risk three times higher than their peers.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, a 22-year-old Ohio State football player and wrestler was […]

5 Myths About Our Metabolism


By Lydia Patel

It seems to be the go-to word we use to blame for our weight issues – metabolism. We associate slender, thin people with a high metabolism that allows them to eat virtually anything they want and not gain an ounce. On the flip side, if we pack on weight just at the […]

Every Day Foods With High Amounts of Sugar


By Lydia Patel

What’s high in sugar, but doesn’t taste that sweet? More foods than you may think! Sugar is sneaky, yummy and always seems to hide itself.






A high contender on the list is ketchup. Not only is it loaded with extra sugar, but additives are also supplemented […]

Common Salad Mistakes


By Lydia Patel

We try to do the right thing by eating healthy and choosing a salad over fries when the option is available. At times, during our quest for eating right we may stumble along the way and fall for common mistakes that can ruin our diets. Here are some typical salad errors that […]

New Study: Diabetes Linked to Mental Decline


By Kristen M. Leccese

In a recent study, researchers found that those diagnosed with Diabetes in their 50s were more likely to suffer fro m memory problems and other mental decline in their 70s.

The study was published Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Beginning in 1990, researchers examined 13,351 adults aged 48 to […]